Thursday, 7 July 2016

Art- clay lilies finished

 We have finished our clay lily sculptures by adding colour to them. They would look right at home in Monet's garden!

Some more of 30 days Wild!

 Litter picking after the summer fayre. We worked at looking after our environment by completing a litter pick to check all the rubbish had been picked up after the summer fayre.

 Looking at shapes in the clouds. Great ideas and imagination!

 Barefoot walk! An empty egg shell was found during it!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wild webcams #30DaysWild

Check out these fantastic webcams.  These live cameras are great for having a close-up look at wildlife.

Wild Webcams

Which is your favourite?

I love the breeding birds on Brownsea Island.  They were squawking so loudly when I last looked.

Friday, 17 June 2016

#30DaysWild Update

Another wild week has passed and Year 2 are totally engrossed in our #30DaysWild challenge.  A big thank you to all the parents that have got involved too.  It is amazing what you notice everyday when you are REALLY looking!

I loved the collaborative petal rainbow they all made this week.

It has rained on and off this week so we have had to be creative with our wild activities.  We experimented with watercolour painting left in the rain.  We hoped the raindrops would leave a pattern.  What do you think?

We then made some homemade mud paint.  We think these were great at catching the patterns from the raindrops.

Year 2 have really enjoyed their wild home learning.  Everyday sees our #30DaysWild tray full to the brim with things to show and talk about.  Our scrapbook is full and it's only day 17 of 30 days!!!  Time to get a new book!!!

Friday, 10 June 2016


Such a wild week in Year 2.  We harvested our class garlic that we planted last Autumn.  It smells amazing and we can't wait to use it for cooking.

We learned about grid references and planted our new beds with flowers, carefully planning where things should go.

We have been for a walk collecting natural bits to add to our miniature masterpieces.  We have hung them from ribbons outside our classroom.

Today we found a ladybird in the peaceful patch.

We used some of the natural things we have collected this year to make a garden hanging today.  It was good practice at tying knots too.

We are really looking forward to someone from the local wildlife trust coming to school to see how well we have done with our #30DaysWild challenge.  We have started a whole class scrap book as so many people were bringing in fantastic work from home too.

After we had completed some Maths work today we took 5 minutes to feel the grass between our toes.

Keep up the random acts of wildness Year 2.  Try taking your family on a barefoot walk for your home learning this week!!! Don't forget to take pictures.